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Many years ago when we put together this site our team envisioned it as a place where regular people could save and organize their recipes. We figured, even way back then, that on-line recipes would probably be dominated by big commercial sites and professional bloggers; and that reasonably web savy cooks needed a place to post and share their recipes too. So that's what this is. You won't find promotions, coupons, pop-ups, mailing lists or any other of the expected annoyances of the big cooking sites here.

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Pizza Sauce October 4, 2015
by: Bubba
 A homemade pizza sauce recipe that's sure to make your homemade pizzas taste so much better! This sauce is quick and easy to make, it freezes well, and has no mystery ingredients! Don't you love knowing exactly what goes in your food?

Bubba's Nachos September 11, 2015
by: Bubba
 "This makes a huge meal-sized tray of nachos with lots of good stuff! You can adjust ingredient quantities to suit your preference. Serve with extra chips if required. Great for game day."

Chinese Chicken Wings August 31, 2015
by: Bubba
 "These are delicious hot, spicy wings. Good enough to fly away on!"

Turkey Patties August 30, 2015
by: Dave G.
 "Great way to use leftover turkey! A mixture of chopped turkey meat, flour, crumbs, onion, and cream formed into patties, browned and topped with creamy soup for serving."

Easy Oven Fajitas July 31, 2015
by: lovemytime
 These are made in a casserole dish and delicious. Everything can be prepped ahead of time and taken out when it is time to cook.

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